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Risk warning
Terms & Conditions

Investment activities in financial markets and transactions with financial instruments.


Investment results obtained in previous periods cannot be a guarantee of future income.Carrying out trading operations in financial and investment markets with margin financial instruments offers great opportunities and allows investors who are willing to take risks to make high profits, but at the same time carry a potentially high level of risk of losses. Therefore, before starting trade, you should responsibly approach the issue of choosing the appropriate investment strategy, taking into account available resources.This brief notice does not disclose all risks associated with making investments in financial instruments using margin lending. If you have additional questions, contact the Apollon Fund consultants. 

The purpose of this Notice is to provide a wide range of interested parties with general, but possibly more complete information about the risks that may arise in connection with transactions in financial markets, as well as to warn of possible losses (losses) in transactions with financial instruments.Investment activity with financial instruments of the market is characterized by an increased degree of risk, since it involves transactions using leverage and can lead to loss of not only the expected income from invested funds, but also to losses of invested funds. For the purposes of this Notice, risk in transactions with financial instruments refers to the possibility of an event that entails or could result in a shortfall in the Client’s income or loss of invested assets. 

This Notification does not intend to force the Client to refuse to carry out transactions with financial instruments, but is intended to help the Client understand and assess the risks associated with investing in these financial instruments and responsibly take informed investment decisions.Trading in financial markets involves certain risks, trading and non-trading.Risk classification can be made in various ways, in particular, as follows: 

systemic risk - the risk associated with the functioning of the system as a whole and not associated with a specific financial instrument. The main systemic risks include: political risk, the risk of adverse (from the point of view of the business environment) legislative changes, macroeconomic risks (a sharp devaluation of the national currency, a government debt market crisis, a banking crisis, a currency crisis, etc.). Systemic risks also include risks of force majeure circumstances.unsystematic (individual) risk - the risk of a particular participant in the financial market: investor, forex company, trust manager, trading system and others.

economic risk - the risk of adverse economic events. The likelihood of economic risks is usually higher than systemic. The following types of economic risks are distinguished:price risk - the risk of losses from adverse price changes. A number of instruments have significant intraday ranges of price changes, which implies a high probability of receiving both profit and loss from trading operations;currency risk - the risk of losses from adverse changes in exchange rates;interest rate risk - the risk of losses due to negative changes in interest rates;inflation risk - the risk of a decrease in the purchasing power of money;liquidity risk - the possibility of difficulties with the sale or purchase of a financial instrument at a certain point in time, which can also lead to an increase in the size of the spread. A large spread makes it difficult to use limit stop orders placed to limit the extent of losses when opening a position (stop loss). In order to avoid serious losses, the Client will have to constantly monitor the situation in the financial market and show reasonable activity in managing his positions;legal risk - the risk of legislative changes (legislative risk) - the possibility of losses with the appearance of new or amendment (repeal) of existing legislative acts, including tax ones. Legislative risk also includes the possibility of losses from the absence of regulatory legal acts regulating activities in the financial market, and in particular in the Forex market;socio-political - the risk of a radical change in the political and economic situation, the risk of social instability, including strikes, the risk of hostilities;criminal - the risk associated with unlawful actions of third parties, for example, such as fraud, unauthorized access to computer systems and confidential information, etc .;operational (technical, technological, personnel) - risk of direct or indirect lossesdue to malfunctions of information, communication, electronic, electrical and other systems, ordue to errors related to the imperfection of the market infrastructure, including operations technology, management, accounting and control procedures, ordue to actions (inaction) of staff.So, when working with the client terminal, malfunctions can occur due to hardware malfunctions, software failures, incorrect settings, outdated software version or poor quality of communication on the client side. At the time of peak loads (for example, when economic news is released), the Client should be aware of the possibility of overloading the communication channel and restricting the ability to contact the broker by phone.natural - a risk independent of human activities (natural disaster risks:earthquake, flood, hurricane, typhoon, lightning strike, etc.).technological - the risk generated by human activities: emergencies, fires, etc.

risk of loss of income - the possibility of the occurrence of an event that entails a partial or complete loss of the expected return on investment;risk of loss of invested funds - the possibility of an event occurring that entails a partial or complete loss of invested funds;

direct risk - the source of risk is directly related to any relationship with the Client;indirect risk - the possibility of an adverse event occurring for the Client at a source that is not directly related to the Client, but entails a chain of events that, ultimately, lead to losses from the Client.When a Client completes a transaction, the following additional specific types of risks arise:Transactions in financial instruments are characterized by an increased degree of risk,since, due to the effect of leverage, a relatively small change in the rate of the instrument can have a significant impact on the state of the Client’s trading account.In the event that the situation in the financial market is unfavorable for the position occupied by the Client in this market, it is likely that a loss will be incurred in a relatively short time in the amount of the initial deposit and any additional funds deposited by the Client to maintain open positions, enter into Contracts and complete Transactions based on the Agreement .In the event of a price movement unfavorable for the Client, in cases provided for by the Agreement and the Rules of interaction between the Company and the Client, the position of the Client may be forcibly liquidated, which may lead to the realization of the risk of loss of income and the risk of loss of invested funds. The customer will be liable for any resulting loss.Due to the conditions prevailing in the market, it may become difficult or impossible to close the position previously opened by the Client at the price he wants. The occurrence of such a situation is possible, for example, with a rapid change in prices.Stop orders aimed at limiting losses do not always limit losses to a level calculated in advance, since when the price changes quickly in the market, the transaction execution price can significantly differ from the stop price for the worse.The Company hereby notifies you that the Company enters into similar Agreements with third parties, and also accepts instructions from third parties under other Agreements and carries out transactions and other transactions with financial instruments of the market in the interests of third parties and in its own interests.The Company hereby notifies the Client that transactions and other transactions with financial instruments in the interests of third parties and in the Company's own interests may create a conflict between the property and other interests of the Company and you.The Client is also notified that the Company does not guarantee income and does not give any representations regarding the income from operations carried out by it under the Agreement with the Client. The client independently makes a decision on making transactions with financial instruments in the financial market, and also independently determines the investment strategy.Transactions in financial markets can result in financial losses; past experience does not determine future financial results. Any financial success of other persons does not guarantee the receipt of the same results for the Client.Considering the above, the Client should carefully consider whether the risks arising from transactions with financial instruments of the market are acceptable to him, taking into account his investment goals and financial capabilities.All of the above is not intended to force the Client to refuse to conclude transactions, but merely aims to help the Client understand the risks of this type of business, determine their acceptability, evaluate their financial goals and opportunities and responsibly approach the issue of choosing the appropriate investment strategy.