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Apollon Venture Fund
Your direct access to global markets

This is the first venture capital fund with no priority directions, with a universal financial model and the most flexible investment portfolios on the market.

Our strategy

We attract private investments in fast-growing promising projects with an annual turnover of around 10-100 million US dollars. The main focus of our foundation are startups – i.e. companies that are just starting their activities and are striving to expand, moving from local markets to global ones. Usually, our fund acquires a significant minority stake (starting at 20%), or a controlling stake thanks to the involvement of co-investors. This allows us to directly participate in the development of such companies and become a part of the board of directors.

In recent years, the number of young entrepreneurs (startups) has been growing exponentially, which opens up the unlimited potential of opportunities for the Apollon Fund and its investors. Just like anyone else, we strive to minimize risks, which becomes possible through the application of flexible investment criteria and universal strategies within our investment focus. At the same time, we not only evaluate the management of a project we invest in, its market position and growth prospects, but we also actively stimulate the improvements to these characteristics, because that’s what our clients are interested in.

Investment directions

We invest in IT, mass media, various services (including financial ones), consumer goods, industries, businesses.

Investment variability

The clients themselves choose their portfolios, investment modes and terms of cooperation, based on the available budget and personal preferences.

No imposed decisions

We try to minimize our impact on the development of the project, leaving its creators with almost complete freedom of action.

We are one team

Apollon Venture Fund is ready to provide its partners and clients with any help they may need – from consultation services to outsourcing tasks to freelance specialists.

Our contribution to the development of companies

Nowadays, many start-up entrepreneurs realize that attracting investment provides an effective increase in cash flows for the future. At the same time, in order to increase the potential value of companies, we not only find the necessary budget to fund them, but also help them prepare their financial records according to international standards, introduce innovative planning and budgeting procedures, create optimal accounting policies, and perfect corporate management strategies.

This is what distinguishes the Apollon venture fund from its competitors - we provide our partners with not only financial, but also theoretical and practical support, presented in a form of effective strategies that take into account niche specifications and global market trends. At the same time, our participation in the project is limited only by the realization of its potential for the purpose of the rapid growth of the company. Indeed, the optimization of decision-making processes and human resource management is no less important than a handy budget.


In terms of profit-making, the Apollon Fund is not subordinate to any state entities, Russian or international financial groups.


We provide investors with completely ready-for-use solutions that do not require anything but the desire to participate in the development of any company of their choice, while startups receive funding, extensive sales channels and access to global platforms.


We have been engaged in investments for 15 years and are able to conduct business on various conditions. Risk diversification, access to global markets, and flexible promotion strategies are just the basics.

The willingness to invest in projects that are only starting to move towards transparency and compliance with the requirements of international financial reporting standards – this plays the primary role for us.


Apollon Insurance Fund

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Stable investment
Our own system of criteria for investing

We invest in projects that have decided to attract an external financial support in order to implement urgent tasks, the most common of which is expanding the business and entering the global market. The fund’s specialists analyze the business model of the recipient company, and identify its potential for increase in value. The important criteria are complete openness and honesty between partners. The ultimate goal is market leadership in a particular segment.

Such an approach, on the one hand, guarantees us the prompt attraction of investments, while, on the other hand, giving the project a powerful impetus for development and profit-making in the shortest possible time. Therefore, our clients can be sure that they invest in the most reliable and profitable projects that have the maximum chances of bringing significant dividends in the coming years. It is important for us that the management of the company and the fund, as well as existing shareholders and attracted investors, share the same goals and intentions.


Customers from 34 countries.
Investment portfolios for 12 active projects

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At the forefront of investing

Thanks to our Monitoring Department, we are aware of 90% of young companies working in the most promising areas and having sufficient potential and ambition to enter the global market. Today we are already thinking about what awaits us in a month and in a year, so with the Apollon Fund you are ready for anything.

The Apollon Fund operates in compliance with current Russian legislation, as well as the laws of those countries where we have representative offices, clients and partners. We have all the appropriate licenses and certificates, which are available upon request.

One of the cornerstones of our foundation is absolute transparency, and we ourselves demonstrate this utmost important principle to our customers and partners. As a result, despite its relatively “young” age, our fund has already implemented 12 major projects and attracted dozens of millions of dollars worth of investments.

May 11, 2019

Apollon Venture Fund in numbers
Statistics – the best indicator


ago the Apollon Fund was created.

Today we have 30,000 customers in 34 countries.

22 mln dollars

of attracted investments.

We have brought 12 companies to the global market.


are in development.

114 specialists work for you as staff members of the fund.

19 mln dollars

are managed by us at the moment.

And we are constantly increasing the reserves of the fund.