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Investments with smart diversification

Venture capital fund with no priority directions, working in markets of all sizes, providing an integrated approach to risk minimization.

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A new level of investment

As of today, we have 12 completed projects in our portfolio in Russia, Europe and the United States with a total investment amount of $10 million. As an independent investor with wide expertise in the global market, we work with startups in a wide range of technological areas, from cryptocurrencies to robotics and beyond. Apollon offices are represented in 4 countries; we interact with global vendors, and we have more than 1000 client companies.

Investment range

Among all international venture capital funds, we offer the most flexible terms determined by industry strategies.

Optimization without templates

We assess the investment opportunities of each project individually, taking into account the current trends of target markets.

Globalization as a paradigm

We strive for a level that would exceed the leading European funds in terms of the effectiveness of creating financial leverage.

Effective interaction

The Apollon Fund collaborates with other venture funds, business angels, and state-owned institutions of the venture capital industry.

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Always in touch

Why choose us?
Constructive advantages of the Apollon Venture Fund

International level

Today we have a network of regular partners in Russia, Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Complex approach

We carry out examinations and provide assistance in any legal, accounting, HR, strategic and marketing issues.

Flexible solutions

We work with projects from the pre-release and “A” stages, focusing on the dynamic growth progression and the rapid achievement of financial goals.

Complete independence

We are not involved in strategic and tactical aspects of operational management – all decisions remain with the creators of the projects.

Warranties for investors

We work only with promising projects that have crossed the breakeven point, which means minimal risk for deposits.

Warranties for startups

We provide all our channels and platforms, we are actively involved in promoting the product and attracting the required capital.

Our capabilities
Innovative solutions and non-trivial strategies

Business Incubator

Specially trained Apollon employees (which constitute around 25% of the team) work within the unique SuccessLab structure. This is a department that conducts a comprehensive assessment of the scalability and survivability of a particular project in the current conditions of the target segment of the global market, which allows to identify the startup’s objective potential and determine the most effective development strategies taking into account the maximum number of investment portfolios with different partner terms.

Investment Toolkit

After being approved by the laboratory, the project is sent to marketing specialists who prepare an investment teaser explaining the main advantages of investing in the desired direction. We create unique and original teasers, determine the most optimal investment strategies that would reflect the main idea, as well as showcase relevant and promising indicators of the project. We use a wide range of modern techniques and services to maximize the distribution of investment offers among interested audiences.


Strategic management
Only proven algorithms

We have created a list of flexible and effective strategies for all investment areas with a guarantee of profit for investors.


Administrative support
Each of us is part of the team

We support our projects in all areas and provide the investors with competent advice on any possible issues.


Административная поддержка
Каждый из нас – часть команды

Предоставляем сопровождение по всем направлениям для проектов и компетентные консультации по любым вопросам для инвесторов.


Marketing, sales, promotion
5 projects in progress

Preparation of marketing materials, lead generation, cross-selling – we do not exclude any aspect of modern sales channels.


Well-earned investor confidence
More than $7 million in management

Apollon investment services are certified by an independent financial auditor.

Financial model of Apollo Venture Fund

We take into account all the subtleties of tax legislation and accounting of the countries where our investors live and our projects are being implemented. At the moment, Apollon fund specialists have developed a universal financial and economic model with the maximum level of flexibility that allows us to quickly diversify risks and determine the feasibility of acquiring shares and the possibility of obtaining financial benefits from any of the projects.

Examination of initial parameters

We calculate the estimated volume of required investments, the term of the project potentially reaching the target level of profitability, management expenses, guaranteed profit for the investors, and a number of other characteristics.

Internal rate of return

We select high-yield and ultra-profitable startups in accordance with the IRR indicator. We determine the potential value of the fund’s share within the company and the optimal promotion strategy.

Project promotion and the Fund’s “exit”

Interim dividends of the fund are reinvested in the company. Upon the expiration of the project, the fund “leaves” the company, while investors continue to receive income in accordance with their portfolios.

The advantages of our model

We assess in advance the maximum number of risks, diversify them and promote the project by all available means, providing it with complete self-management and comprehensive support.

We strive to work with startups, which not only bring profit to investors, but also introduce a fundamentally new product to the market. This approach is more promising and guarantees increased profitability.

Apollon Fund Marketing and Research Department

Global investment
Apollon Venture Fund Initiatives

Global venture market

The Apollon Fund purposefully invites private investors to take part in projects implemented within the framework of the most promising areass of the global economy.

Our goal is to stimulate the implementation of investment tools that are accessible to all startups and investors, expand sales channels and attract the maximum number of participants to the innovative ecosystem in high-tech segments with a low level of private capital presence. Through the development of the global venture market, we literally stimulate global technological progress.

Public-Private Partnership

The formation of funds in the context of synergy programs involving both private and public entities, considering the integration of the world's leading fund management practices, allows us to talk about the unique prospects of venture investments through the Apollon fund.

At the same time, not only private investors benefit from the implementation of projects by receiving passive income from companies that successfully entered the global market. We also stimulate the development of the corresponding economic direction, motivating the appearance of new players, new products, and new strategies.

Development of new mechanisms

We do not just take successful investment strategies from our foreign colleagues, adapting them to the specifics of the economy and legislation of the target region. We develop the brand new criteria and procedures for the formation of management teams, we improve management techniques, sales channels creation, product promotion, entering the target market and reaching the widest possible audience.

These are hundreds of synergistic mechanisms, more than a third of which are created from scratch, enriching our local economies with fundamentally new tactical and strategic solutions.